Micah Richardson

Owner & Operator of Eco Clean MT

How I Started Cleaning Floors Professionally…”

They say that around 25% of people end up working in the same career as their parents.  It’s what they know, it’s an “in” into the industry, and usually they can find great success doing so.

I’m Micah Richardson, owner and operator of EcoClean, and despite my teenage ambitions, I am one of those 25%.

As I grew up in South Dakota, my dad operated a cleaning business for nearly 4 decades.  My summer jobs consisted of carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, and basic janitorial.  Naturally, I would rather be out with my friends, and I hated the work.  I swore up and down that I would never grow up to be a carpet cleaner.

As an adult my family and I made our way to Montana in 2004.  I held a variety of jobs, often relating to the carpet cleaning industry, but never actually venturing into to the cleaning side of things.  I was brought onto a local cleaning company as the operations manager working in the office and helping with sales in 2010.  Three years later the owner confided in me that he was preparing to retire, and asked if I wanted to purchase the business from him.

The universe is not without a sense of irony, it seems.  And I could only laugh that here I was, decades after swearing I would never be a carpet cleaner, signing the papers to buy a carpet cleaning business.  The business was already successful, I knew the industry, and while as a teenager it was hard and boring work, as an adult I have found joy in the process.

Over the last decade in the carpet cleaning business, I have trained in the classroom and in the field.  In the classroom alone I have amassed over 1,100 hours of instruction; roughly the equivalent of a Master’s Degree in professional floor cleaning.  Add on the hours spent in homes and businesses around Billings, and I am able to quickly and accurately determine exactly what your floor needs to be cleaned and maintained the right way.

It turns out that growing up and helping my dad run his business with the utmost integrity wasn’t all that bad.  Looking back I know that those long hours cleaning floors weren’t just teaching me to operate carpet cleaning machinery.  They were teaching me to follow his lead.  He educated his clients, showed them the best way to maintain their floors, and always made sure to treat every one of them like the most important client he ever had.

Now, I realize I’m not in the floor cleaning business. I’m in the trust business.  You trust me in your home.  You trust me to call on that chemistry knowledge to clean your floors effectively and accurately.  You trust me to ensure the highest quality clean, the best information, and to treat you as though you’re my only client and my most important client.

It’s because of your trust that my family and I are able to call Billings our home.  And we get to share that home with you.

I’ve lived in Billings since October of 2004 with my wife of 24 years, and Daughters, now fifteen and twenty. We love the billings area. In fact we love it enough to set roots here. In September of 2013 I purchased the carpet cleaning division of Faithful Cleaning & Restoration. I was the operations manager there for almost three years. I look forward to serving the Billings community for many years to come!

What we stand for

That our clients trust us is the most important thing to us here at EcoClean. Our goal is to be your Go To company for honest answers and customer service that exceeds your expectations! We take our time to ensure that all your questions are answered, and the textiles or hard floors cleaned are exceptionally clean!

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