Properly Cleaned Carpets Improve Air Quality
In every industry, there are long-held myths that are hard to kill. For instance, there is the myth in the carpet industry that if you suffer from allergies, then you should avoid carpets at all costs. The truth is, a proper carpet cleaning will actually improve the air quality, and lessen the amount of allergens found in the home.

Shaw floorsShaw Industries
Shaw Industries Group is a flooring giant. With nearly 70 years of experience, they know how to make a floor covering, and they have the finances to do the right research to make sure their products are superb (they have over $4 billion in annual sales). This flooring company recently commissioned a study to look at how carpets affect air quality.

The Study
The results are almost the opposite as what many people would think: homes with carpeting actually have a higher air quality than those without.
When you stop to think about the conclusion, the results are not all that surprising. Consider this scenario. You introduce dust into two homes. One home has all hardwood floors, the other has carpet. The dust settles into everything. Then you turn on a fan and disturb the air. Which home would have more airborne dust? The hardwood home would since they carpeted home helps to trap all that dust in the carpet fibers.
What actually is surprising, is that even before cleaning, the researchers would disturb the carpet and repeat their tests. Carpets help to trap the particulates, and the air is still cleaner than the air found in a home with all hard floorings. Carpet cleaning with a high quality vacuum will then remove that dirt. Check out the full study on this site.

The Conclusion
Now this is not to say that you can throw down a few carpets and consider your air to be pure and clean. When you have hard floors, you can see the dirt. The dirt is easily disturbed and most people will clean their hard floors regularly. With carpet, the dirt sinks in and is hidden from view. If left dirty, the carpet will deteriorate, the dirt will accumulate, and the air quality will actually worsen. What you need to do is make sure that you are doing your own carpet cleaning by vacuuming regularly. Think of them as a filter. If you stop cleaning your filter (whether it is a vacuum, furnace, water, or any kind of filter) eventually it will stop working. The same is true with your carpet, it will stop trapping those dust particles, micro-organisms, and allergens, and your air quality will be all the worse.

EcoClean Can Help
EcoClean knows carpet cleaning. Regular maintenance (vacuuming) is important to make sure your carpet lasts, but a deep professional cleaning is needed about once per year to make sure the dirt is thoroughly removed. Nearly every residential vacuum cleaner out there will get out a lot of dirt. But there is some that will stay trapped in your carpet, and you need professional equipment to get it out. EcoClean not only has that equipment, but they have the training and expertise to really clean your carpet (and basically any other flooring you may have in your house).
When is the last time your carpets were professionally cleaned? Your health is worth it to get them clean once per year.

Why a Professional Cleaning is Necessary

Why a Professional Cleaning is Necessary

You would be hard pressed to find someone that does not like the feeling of clean carpet beneath their feet.  While it does feel good to walk on carpet that has been freshly vacuumed, a good, deep, professional carpet cleaning is the only way to restore the carpet (nearly) back to its show-room like quality.  But is it worth the money?


Professional Cleaning Services

By properly vacuuming regularly (usually twice per week is necessary for most homes) you can remove a bulk of the dry dirt that gets into your carpets.  However, regular use of carpet transfers more than just dry dirt and dust to the carpet.  Your shoes carry oil and grime, and your bare skin has body oils that transfer onto the carpets.  The only way to get these off is with a professional carpet cleaning service.

Professional carpet cleaning can be done with a do-it-yourself home machine.  However, these machines are often not up to the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) standards, and the user generally does not understand what needs to be done to thoroughly clean the carpets.  Instead, finding a carpet cleaning professional, such as EcoClean of Billings, is the best course of action.

EcoClean follows all of the IICRC standards, including the use of hot water extraction.  This method, often called steam cleaning (although no steam is actually produced) uses the forces of hot water, as well as eco-friendly detergents, to loosen and remove the soil from the carpet fibers.  When you use an at-home machine, you often do not know what you are getting.  When you hire an EcoClean professional, you get years of experience, properly maintained equipment that is right for your style of carpet, and the guarantee that a professional that knows what he is doing is cleaning your carpets.


Maintenance Between Cleanings

There will be times that you hire a professional carpet cleaner to come and make your carpets look like new.  Then, within a matter of weeks, you spill something and cause an unsightly stain.  Instead of breaking down and paying the professional to come back, there is an alternative.  EcoClean Spot and Stain out is available to you at no extra charge.  Even better, this bottle of spot remove comes with free lifetime refills.  Now don’t go spilling wine all over the place, because nobody wants to spend every evening scrubbing their carpets, but don’t worry if it happens every now and then.

Along with spot treatment, be sure to vacuum with a high quality vacuum cleaner.  Yearly professional carpet cleanings will help to maintain the look and feel of your carpet, but twice weekly maintenance will be the real key to keeping them lasting (nearly) forever.


If it has been over a year since your last carpet cleaning, get in touch with EcoClean.  We know carpets, and we know how to care for them.  Feel free to browse through the services page and learn all about the process, or just give us a call.  Your toes will be happy you did.

Carpet Cleaning Billings MT Carpets

How to Vacuum Your Carpets Between Professional Cleanings

One of the first things that is noticed when you walk into a new home is how clean everything looks.  Everything from the light fixtures, on down to the carpet you are walking on.  Over time, however, those light fixtures begin to gather dust, and things start to look dirty.  Most people would not let unsightly dust accumulate on their fixtures, but they seem to be ok with dirt and dust accumulating in their carpet.  Instead of properly maintaining their carpets by vacuuming properly, too many people let their flooring go un-cared for until it gets so dirty they have to call for a professional cleaning.  This does not need to happen.


Keeping Carpets Clean

Just like any other product, the dirtier carpet becomes the faster it will wear out.  And any time you walk on your carpet, dirt is being transferred from your shoes, socks, or bare feet into the carpet fibers.  The more traffic your carpet sees allows the dirt to get ground down even deeper.  Instead of letting the dirt find its way into the pad, keep your carpet clean with regular vacuuming.

Over at Shaw Industries Group, one of the world’s largest flooring companies, they know what it takes to prolong the life of your carpet.  Contrary to many people’s beliefs, vacuuming does not damage the carpet; instead it makes it last longer.  They recommend that between professional cleanings, vacuum twice per week in areas that get light traffic, and as much as once daily in areas that get heavy traffic.  But that’s not all you can do.


Which Vacuum to Buy

The best way to make sure your carpet lasts a long time is to buy a high quality vacuum cleaner.  Sure you can pick something up for $50 or $100, but your carpet is an investment worth thousands of dollars.  Buying a higher quality vacuum could as much as double the life of your carpet.  That means spending $500 could save you $5,000 down the road.

But just getting a high quality piece of equipment is not enough.  There are many different types of carpet out there, from high impact, low pile carpets, to soft and cushiony shag carpets.   A denser carpet will do better with a vacuum with a rotating brush that agitates the pile to loosen the dirt.  Whereas a softer carpet may become damaged by this vacuum, and a suction only machine should be used.

By keeping your carpets maintained through properly vacuuming them, you can be assured that they will last for years to come.  However, it is still important that you get EcoClean to come in and professionally clean your carpets every 12 to 18 months.  In fact, some carpet manufacturers will require a professional cleaning in order to keep the warranty in good standing.


EcoClean Can Help

Any vacuum you buy for residential use will leave behind some dirt.  They simply are not large and powerful enough to extract every little bit of dirt.  Aside from that, vacuums cannot take out stains, oils, and other items that are literally stuck to the carpet fibers.  This is why you need to have a professional cleaning done by Billings’ own EcoClean.  Hiring them once per year will help keep your carpet looking and feeling new for years to come.