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Carpet Cleaning in Billings, MT

Here at EcoClean we specialize in carpet cleaning, including commercial carpet cleaning.  But that’s not all we do!  Our goal is to ensure that all of your floors are kept clean so you can enjoy a comfortable home.

Commercial carpet cleaning and residential carpet cleaning are a big focus.  There is more carpet around than other types of flooring, so naturally that’s where we spend most of our time!

Tile and grout cleaning are popular as many kitchens, entryways, and bathrooms are tiled.  These high traffic areas need to withstand impact, but they still get dirty.

Stone cleaning is available for your stone floors or countertops.  Every stone is unique and requires a different solution to ensure it’s clean.

Upholstery cleaning helps keep your furniture and drapes clean and removes those allergens that can get trapped in them.

Odor control is especially popular with landlords.  Tenants are sometimes harsh on rentals, but we can freshen them up.

Bleach spot repair makes those “oops” moments almost as though they never happened.

When you need to get your home clean, give EcoClean a call and let the professionals handle the job.