Tile floors so clean you could eat off them.

Tile and Grout Cleaning from EcoClean

Do you know when your tile and grout floors are dirty?  One of the many reasons tile floors are so popular is because they’re incredibly durable, and they don’t immediately show it when they get dirty.  But over time, that dirt accumulates and turns your beautiful tile floors into something you don’t want to show off anymore.  It’s time for the best tile cleaner in Billings to come in.

When your tile floors were first installed, the colors in the tile and the grout were nice and even.  The high traffic areas were the same color as the edges near the walls where people don’t tend to walk.

Over time, however, the grout gets dirty.  The areas that are higher traffic get darker and the areas near the wall remain that lighter hue that you chose when the tile was installed.  Tile and grout cleaning in Billings, MT from EcoClean restores that initial luster.

Seal the grout with a penetrating sealant which is optional but really a good idea to keep the floor protected going forward

How to Clean Tile and Grout

There are plenty of DIY tile cleaners out there, most are topical that only get the surface dirt.  Let’s talk about why you should choose EcoClean for tile cleaning in Billings.  Our process includes:

  • Pre-inspection to ensure that the grout’s integrity is good enough and it won’t be ruined during the cleaning.
  • A high alkaline degreaser and cleaner are applied to the tile.
  • Sophisticated tools apply a controlled pressure cleaning and agitate the problem areas.
  • Tile and grout are allowed to fully dry.
  • An optional sealant that penetrates into the grout is applied.

Of course you can choose not to seal the grout, but in order to maintain the beauty of your freshly cleaned tile floors, it’s highly recommended.


Interested in working with us?

Tile and Grout Cleaning Billings, MT

Here at EcoClean our team strives for the best.  We have trained for hundreds of hours to know the exact methods for tile and grout cleaning, we know the best tile cleaner solutions, and we know how to clean tile and grout so that you’re not calling us again in a couple of weeks because the cleaning was substandard.

If you’re ready, let’s get you a quote on restoring the beauty of your tile floors.