How to Vacuum Your Carpets Between Professional Cleanings

One of the first things that is noticed when you walk into a new home is how clean everything looks.  Everything from the light fixtures, on down to the carpet you are walking on.  Over time, however, those light fixtures begin to gather dust, and things start to look dirty.  Most people would not let […]

Why a Professional Cleaning is Necessary

You would be hard pressed to find someone that does not like the feeling of clean carpet beneath their feet.  While it does feel good to walk on carpet that has been freshly vacuumed, a good, deep, professional carpet cleaning is the only way to restore the carpet (nearly) back to its show-room like quality.  […]

Properly Cleaned Carpets Improve Air Quality

In every industry, there are long-held myths that are hard to kill.  For instance, there is the myth in the carpet industry that if you suffer from allergies, then you should avoid carpets at all costs.  The truth is, a proper carpet cleaning will actually improve the air quality, and lessen the amount of allergens […]

How to Fix Bleach Stains with Carpet Dyeing

How to Fix Bleach Stains with Carpet Dyeing Bleach is a color-stripping solvent that causes a carpet to lose color when it spills on it, leaving a white, yellow, or a much lighter version of the original dye on the spot. Most people panic and start scrubbing in an up-and-down and side-to-side motion, but this […]

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Annual Mattress Cleaning

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Annual Mattress Cleaning Sleep, alongside good nutrition and exercise, is an important contributor to good health. Poor quality sleep and insomnia are associated with high blood pressure, depression, heart disease, and poor concentration. A good mattress contributes to good sleep, but do you know that there is a multitude of […]