How to Eliminate Pet Odors

There is nothing inherently smelly about the urine from your cat or dog (unless it has a kidney problem). It is the bacteria that feeds on urea crystals within the urine that has a distinctive stench. You need a professional cleaner to eliminate pet odors, even as you do regular vacuuming, proper house training, and daily cleaning of the litter box. So, what does odor removal from carpets, upholstery, and other areas entail?

Treatment with enzymatic cleaner: At EcoClean, our experienced team will begin by treating the area with enzymes to break down the urea crystals. If the bacteria can’t eat, they cannot cause the smell. The enzymatic cleaner is left to work for between 10 and 15 minutes. Note we do not use cleaning chemicals that have ammonia or vinegar since the strong chemical odors from these chemicals will attract the pet to reinforce its urine scent mark.

Deep scrub: We will do a deep scrub to ensure we get all the urine/odor. This is then followed by rinsing the surface with pH balanced hot water. 

Using a deodorizing agent: After the enzymes have broken down the urea crystals, we will then use a high-quality deodorizing agent to remove the odor. 

Stain removal: If the area also has a stain, we will use stain removal after the extraction and neutralizing. We do not use steam cleaners because the heat can permanently set the stain and the odor through bonding of the protein into the fabric.

Brushing and smoothing the surface: To restore the carpet or upholstery, we will brush and smooth the surface. We will then apply a fabric protector (on request). We use fans to dry carpets and upholstery to ensure you can continue using your home as normal from the moment we exit the door.

Micah and the team at EcoClean have dealt with many pet accidents on different surfaces and we have the training, experience, equipment, and cleaning products for the job. You can reach us via 406-698-3677 and [email protected] for any questions you may have on our company or our pet odor removal service. 

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