How to Fix Bleach Stains with Carpet Dyeing

Bleach is a color-stripping solvent that causes a carpet to lose color when it spills on it, leaving a white, yellow, or a much lighter version of the original dye on the spot. Most people panic and start scrubbing in an up-and-down and side-to-side motion, but this will only exacerbate the problem and you risk ripping the carpet out and leaving a giant hole. 

At EcoClean, we have the training and experience necessary to deal with bleach stains. We know what to do to neutralize the bleach to prevent further damage. We then do carpet dyeing to restore color on the affected spot. Carpet dyeing is cheaper than replacing the entire carpet and it is a better solution than what some people opt for – patching the affected spot. Patching gives inconsistent results and is not ideal for a sculptured carpet, or one made of high-end wool.  

We use a dye color that matches your carpet’s color. We will prepare the dye in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions. We know the best dyes from experience and we have the right equipment to prepare the dye. 

Once the dye is ready, we will test it on a hidden area of the carpet to ensure that there is a good color match. 

Once we are satisfied that there is a good color match, we will use a clean, white rag to expertly apply dye on the carpet. This requires a skilled hand because the amount of pressure and the number of repeat presses affects the intensity of the color. We layer the color to build its depth, which is not possible if the dye is applied too quickly.

Note fabric dye works best on natural-fiber carpets. We use dyes designed for synthetics for carpets that are not made from natural fibers. You particularly need to hire a pro for the job for carpets with multiple colors or designs.

We are committed to customer satisfaction and we will leave your carpets looking as good as new such that no one will ever know that there was a bleach spot. If you would like to learn more about EcoClean and our carpet dyeing service, call us on 406-698-3677. 

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