We specialize in a wide variety of odor control methods.

Guaranteed Odor Removal

Consider the toughest odors, from pets, to spills, to skunks, as no match to the power of EcoClean!

We combine the best education, experience and products available to bring you the most powerful odor remover in Billings, MT.  It’s not as simple as spraying a little Febreze in the air and hoping odors go away.  We track down the cause, and eliminate it at the source.

Neutralizing pet odors provides a unique challenge.  It’s a big problem, and there are a bunch of online tips, tricks, and DIY tutorials that vary from simple to bizarre.  Unless you have the right tools for odor removal, results are generally less than stellar.  Here at EcoClean, we work with you to create  custom odor removal plan to eliminate those unwanted smells from carpets, upholstery, drapes, and more.

But it’s not just pet odors either!  Medical marijuana has increased how much pot is smoked indoors.  These smells permeate into the floors and soft goods to the bane of landlords, property managers, and home-owners.  Those marijuana smells are hard to get out!  Strong or subtle marijuana odors, we have the tools to remove them for good.

Has your dog ever been sprayed by a skunk?  It’s far more pungent than the smell when you drive by a dead skunk on the road.  The smell permeates, sinks in, and sticks around!  That’s probably why so many people search for skunk odor remover.  Here’s the deal though: most DIY options are for getting the smells off pets (tomato juice does work, but that’s going to wreck up your carpets).  Let a professional odor remover take care of the situation for you.

No matter the cause of the odors in your home, EcoClean has the technology necessary to get rid of it.

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