In every industry, there are long-held myths that are hard to kill.  For instance, there is the myth in the carpet industry that if you suffer from allergies, then you should avoid carpets at all costs.  The truth is, a proper carpet cleaning will actually improve the air quality, and lessen the amount of allergens found in the home.

Shaw Industries

Shaw Industries Group is a flooring giant.  With nearly 70 years of experience, they know how to make a floor covering, and they have the finances to do the right research to make sure their products are superb (they have over $4 billion in annual sales).  This flooring company recently commissioned a study to look at how carpets affect air quality. 

The Study

The results are almost the opposite as what many people would think: homes with carpeting actually have a higher air quality than those without.

When you stop to think about the conclusion, the results are not all that surprising.  Consider this scenario.  You introduce dust into two homes.  One home has all hardwood floors, the other has carpet.  The dust settles into everything.  Then you turn on a fan and disturb the air.  Which home would have more airborne dust?  The hardwood home would since they carpeted home helps to trap all that dust in the carpet fibers.

What actually is surprising, is that even before cleaning, the researchers would disturb the carpet and repeat their tests.  Carpets help to trap the particulates, and the air is still cleaner than the air found in a home with all hard floorings.  Carpet cleaning with a high quality vacuum will then remove that dirt. Check out the full study on this site.

The Conclusion

Now this is not to say that you can throw down a few carpets and consider your air to be pure and clean.  When you have hard floors, you can see the dirt.  The dirt is easily disturbed and most people will clean their hard floors regularly.  With carpet, the dirt sinks in and is hidden from view.  If left dirty, the carpet will deteriorate, the dirt will accumulate, and the air quality will actually worsen.  What you need to do is make sure that you are doing your own carpet cleaning by vacuuming regularly.  Think of them as a filter.  If you stop cleaning your filter (whether it is a vacuum, furnace, water, or any kind of filter) eventually it will stop working.  The same is true with your carpet, it will stop trapping those dust particles, micro-organisms, and allergens, and your air quality will be all the worse.

EcoClean Can Help

EcoClean knows carpet cleaning.  Regular maintenance (vacuuming) is important to make sure your carpet lasts, but a deep professional cleaning is needed about once per year to make sure the dirt is thoroughly removed.  Nearly every residential vacuum cleaner out there will get out a lot of dirt.  But there is some that will stay trapped in your carpet, and you need professional equipment to get it out.  EcoClean not only has that equipment, but they have the training and expertise to really clean your carpet (and basically any other flooring you may have in your house).

When is the last time your carpets were professionally cleaned?  Your health is worth it to get them clean once per year.

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