You would be hard pressed to find someone that does not like the feeling of clean carpet beneath their feet.  While it does feel good to walk on carpet that has been freshly vacuumed, a good, deep, professional carpet cleaning is the only way to restore the carpet (nearly) back to its show-room like quality.  But is it worth the money?

Professional Cleaning Services

By properly vacuuming regularly (usually twice per week is necessary for most homes) you can remove a bulk of the dry dirt that gets into your carpets.  However, regular use of carpet transfers more than just dry dirt and dust to the carpet.  Your shoes carry oil and grime, and your bare skin has body oils that transfer onto the carpets.  The only way to get these off is with a professional carpet cleaning service.

Professional carpet cleaning can be done with a do-it-yourself home machine.  However, these machines are often not up to the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) standards, and the user generally does not understand what needs to be done to thoroughly clean the carpets.  Instead, finding a carpet cleaning professional, such as EcoClean of Billings, is the best course of action.

EcoClean follows all of the IICRC standards, including the use of hot water extraction.  This method, often called steam cleaning (although no steam is actually produced) uses the forces of hot water, as well as eco-friendly detergents, to loosen and remove the soil from the carpet fibers.  When you use an at-home machine, you often do not know what you are getting.  When you hire an EcoClean professional, you get years of experience, properly maintained equipment that is right for your style of carpet, and the guarantee that a professional that knows what he is doing is cleaning your carpets.

Maintenance Between Cleanings

There will be times that you hire a professional carpet cleaner to come and make your carpets look like new.  Then, within a matter of weeks, you spill something and cause an unsightly stain.  Instead of breaking down and paying the professional to come back, there is an alternative.  EcoClean Spot and Stain out is available to you at no extra charge.  Even better, this bottle of spot remove comes with free lifetime refills.  Now don’t go spilling wine all over the place, because nobody wants to spend every evening scrubbing their carpets, but don’t worry if it happens every now and then.

Along with spot treatment, be sure to vacuum with a high quality vacuum cleaner.  Yearly professional carpet cleanings will help to maintain the look and feel of your carpet, but twice weekly maintenance will be the real key to keeping them lasting (nearly) forever.

If it has been over a year since your last carpet cleaning, get in touch with EcoClean.  We know carpets, and we know how to care for them.  Feel free to browse through the services page and learn all about the process, or just give us a call.  Your toes will be happy you did.

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