Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Annual Mattress Cleaning

Sleep, alongside good nutrition and exercise, is an important contributor to good health. Poor quality sleep and insomnia are associated with high blood pressure, depression, heart disease, and poor concentration. A good mattress contributes to good sleep, but do you know that there is a multitude of contaminants that could be ruining your sleep? Here are common contaminants that make the annual mattress cleaning a necessity.

  • Bacteria: Oral, skin, fecal/intestinal, and genital bacteria can sink into the mattress. Some of the most common of these are staphylococcus, streptococcus, and lactobacillus and they can cause bacterial infections. 
  • Fungal spores: Up to 17 different species of fungus ranging from penicillium to Alternaria and from aspergillus to Cladosporium are associated with synthetic bedding and feathers. You should particularly get rid of fungi if you have asthma and allergies. 
  • Sweat: Did you know you produce up to 26 gallons of sweat in your bed every year? Sweat, combined with body heat, form the ideal environment for bacteria and fungi growth. 
  • Allergens: An allergen is any substance that causes an allergic reaction. Fecal pellets and body fragments from dust mites and dead skin from roaches and pets are the most common allergens on mattresses. Allergens are associated with asthma and allergies. 
  • Cosmetics: Cosmetics are made of chemicals that you should not be breathing in every night. Creams, makeup, lotions, hair products, and other cosmetics can bleed from your skin or hair into the mattress. Make a habit of removing all makeup before going to bed.
  • Food: Do you have the habit of eating on your bed? Food crumbs and spills provide the perfect fodder for microorganisms like bacteria to thrive. 
  • Skin cells: Your body sheds about 500 million skin cells every day. These skin cells are fodder for microbes. 
  • Chemicals: Finishing agents from mattresses and other bedding sometimes include isocyanates, plasticizers, and flame retardants which can harm your health.


The annual mattress cleaning should include vacuuming with a HEPA rated vacuum, application of detergents, and extraction using hot water. This should be followed by the application of an EPA registered sanitizer. At EcoClean, we do this and more. Call us on 406-698-3677 or email us at [email protected] for your mattress and other cleaning needs. 

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